Cassie McCorkle
Introduction to Digital Media 4371 - Spring 2017

Main Content

Welcome to the homepage for my portfolio of projects created in this course throughout the semester! We have focused on the process of creating images, audio, and video. My projects are displayed here.


This section showcases the images that I created. The icon and banner were both created using Adobe Photoshop. We were first required to make a banner from provided images that was based around a parenting theme. We were provided images to chose from. We were then required to create an icon from the same provided images. Finally, we created an image from our own photos that we have taken. This project focused on creating and editing of different functions of images within Adobe Photoshop.

Parenting Banner
Parenting Icon
Creative Banner


Audio File

This section showcases the audio file that I created. This assignment required us to create an audio file with music and recorded audio under one minute long. We were required to use different techniques such as fading to complete the project. I used Audacity to complete my audio file. This project focused on learning how to upload and edit, overlap, and use effects within audio files.


Video File

This section showcases the video file that I created. The video I created was made with Windows Movie Maker. We were required to use different clips and audio to create a video file. Incorporating a title and credits screen were also requirements. The clips were put together to create this video. This project focused on cropping, overlapping, video effects, and audio within a video.